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Adolescent Oral Health

Dental on the Shore is proud to offer the AOHSA public health service. We offer the clinical services of our Dental Surgeons and we endevour to achieve the best outcomes for your teenager.

Adolescent Oral Health Services Agreement offers your childer FREE Dental Care from commencing Year 9, until their 18th Birthday. Almost all services are covered by this agreement when your child is treated by one of our contracting dental surgeons. Currently, both Dr Janet Lund & Dr Aftab Moosa are registered to provide free adolescent care.

Dental Health of your teenager is so important as it sets them up for life. Many of the older adults we see simply wish more had been done about their oral health when they were this age. We have already looked after the Oral Health of many who have grown up in the neighbouring schools so why would you trust a stranger.

To find out more details about this programme, contact our reception to make a time. Our practitioners who are currently authorised to provide care under this contact is Dr Aftab Moosa and Dr Janet Lund, both graduates of Otago University.