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Emergency Dental Care

20 December - 11 January 2017
Guaranteed Refer-back dental care is available over this time specifically for patients who are in need. This service has been developed to offer care during your dentists' festive season shutdown period, and we will advise your dentist of any care required over this period. Please read below for further detail.

During the Xmas & New Year Period, as well as throughout the Year, our practice provides urgent treatment as dictated by their condition. This service has provided peace of mind to patients for 15 years, who recieve regular care elsewhere. You will be treated in such a way that will be sympathetic to your own dental care with your own regular Dentist. In fact, to ensure that details of any urgent conditions treated are not misinterpreted, we formally refer you back to your own dentist with details of the condition and nature of treatment as well as whether further work is required.

Common Problems during this period is a broken tooth, toothache or Dental Abscess, Trauma, Sudden Facial pain or earache, loosened crowns, sore gums or a wobbly tooth. Dont worry, for us this is all regular and we will endevour to both diagnose and explain the issue, as well as provide treatment to address the issue. All patients are charged a consultation fee which will cover the Diagnosis of whats going on, it will also cover any radiography required, and if you require very minor treatment such as just smoothing a rough filling, this will be included within the fee. Any treatment beyond this will be discussed with you by Dr Moosa or Dr Campbell.

To arrange an appointment, please email us on the link above, or contact the practice by phone. Because urgent treatment may prevent us from answering, please do leave a message to allow us to phone you back provide you care. The provision of this service has been extremely well recieved by many local dentists who have supported our efforts to provide Quality Emergency Care during the Festive Shutdown Period.

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