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Moving Practice

Dentistry is a very personal thing. The relationship is based on trust and understanding. We understand this and we will go out of our way to make you feel special .

Relocating Practices

So its time to come to Auckland. Rest assured we welcome your enrollment in Dental on the Shore.

To establish continuity with your previous dentist allow us to see you for a New Patient Consultation. This will allow us to establish which records from your previous dentist will assist in your future care.

Dental Records are easily sent between practices. Feel free to contact our friendly receptionists who can arrange the transfer of your records.

We welcome you...
... from near...
... or far
to a practice with heart.

Second Opinions

We pride ourselves on our impartial thought. Patients often approach us for further understanding of treatment proposals from elsewhere. Please feel free to approach any of our clinicians to further understand your dental conditions in confidence.

Dental treatment plans take into consideration a number of different and often conflicting factors. Age, health, financial ability and time availability are amongst a small number of these. As a result, patients are often confused at the way in which these plans may vary.

When however these plans are compared, often they are in essence the same, but with different emphasis on longevity, cost and certainty. Allow us to take you through your plan in detail, so you can ensure the right factors are considered in your particular case. - Dr Craig Campbell.