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Periodontal Health

Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry, that encompasses the prevention, the diagnosis, and the treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of teeth and dental implants.

the Scope

Maintenance of health, function, comfort and aesthetics of the supporting bone & gum tissues in the mouth.

The elimination of Bacterial Deposits from your mouth is a complicated process that relies upon modern instruments such as the Ultrasonic Debridement System, to generate an environment within which you can maintain health.

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Periodontal Treatment

Specialist Periodontists, General Practitioner Dentists, and Hygienists together form the periodontal team. Each practitioner plays a slightly different role, but together are all important components, not just in the treatment, but also the maintenance of your health.

Comfortable treatment is achieved through the appropriate use of Local Anaesthesia, often combined with various forms of anti-anxiety medications. As gum conditions are often chronic in nature and occur gradually, its important to know as much information about your particular condition in order to provide an effective treatment plan.

Consequently, many patients have described their experience of periodontal care as one that has taken course gradually, over a period of time and has resulted in a different approach to how they maintain not only their Oral Health, but also their Medical Health.