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Many of us expect to have teeth for Life. The effects of disease and subsequent dental work weaken our teeth, threatening that dream. Oral Rehabilitation involves careful planning of your dental future, to allow that dream to occur.

Modern dentistry is great at addressing disease and as a population, we have become far more respectful of our Oral Health. The mileage that we expect out of a heavily filled dentition though, can often compromise the longevity of our teeth. Loosing a back tooth does not seem to concern many people as much as the threat of loosing a front tooth. Unfortunately, the loss of some back teeth can seriously comprimise the longevity of your dentition. Oral Rehabiliation involves the discussion and planning of longevity, addressing the engineering and balance present within your mouth.

Will you see your years out in a denture? If this is a question you have never thought of, you should ask your dentist how your teeth are ageing. With good supportive care, most dentitions may only require a little bit of re-engineering to maintain for a lifetime. Others though, in particular those suffering from Bruxism (Clenching/Grinding) will require very careful Treatment Planning to identify the challenges your particular case presents. Early recognition of particular challenges though will often result in easier treatments costing less and with better chances of long-term success.

Above, careful treatment planning allowed this lovely patient to achieve a lasting solution that is strong, balanced, comfortable and aesthetic.