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Nature teaches us beauty. Aesthetic ceramic materials allow us to perfectly mimic that lesson. - Dr Craig Campbell, BDS NZSSM

Materials, skill and passion are all that are required to provide outstanding smile makeovers. Since 2001, we have provided confidence for people to smile with their hearts, not cover their teeth. These treatments are elective, sought by patients who just want a natural healthy appearance. From simple whitening procedures, to complete reconstructions, our practice has a proud history of giving patients outcomes they are ecstatic about. These treatments are tailored to each individual. We encourage each patient to assist us in achieving satisfying results.

Cosmetic materials are now the standard in dentistry. Not all materials are the same though. Longevity, in particular varies greatly with these treatments. We utilise a selection of advanced materials to ensure optimal clinical results.

Cosmetic Treatment excites us. If you would like to know what can be done to improve your smile, let us take time to see what can be done.

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