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The Clinic

Advanced, Comfortable & Modern Premises

Our Surroundings

Sleek, intuitive design combined with an outlook over Natural bush gives our Surgeries the ultimate in settings. This is a unique clinic giving the ultimate in lifestyle dental care.

Our Safety

Modern Dental Care demands levels of cross-infection control that are robust to maintain your safety. We pride ourselves on the technologies and systems that allow us to provide safe treatment without concern. Our Clinicians are happy to discuss any aspect of our infection control processes or to show you around the Sterilisation zones

  • Universal Precaution Standards
  • Advanced Sterilisation Protocols
  • Powerful Instrument Washers
  • Class B Sterilisation

Dental Technicians

We work closely with two dental laboratories, Weta Ceramics and Apollonia which are both on the North Shore. We have long-lasting relationships with both technicians who we consider amongst the best in the country. New Zealands private dental system means you should expect the highest quality prosthetic work, as you have choice in who constructs your ceramic and prosthetic work. Both ceramists we work with are actively involved in the accurate selection of shades and colours to give in every case a natural result.

Practice Tour

Our Materials

The last decade has seen dental care move even further in capabilities. Aesthetic materials that mimic nature are now the standard. Instruments that provide comfortable treatment are available. Anaesthetics even have moved forward in both strength and safety. All of these advances have resulted in better dental care that is more predicatable and capable than ever before.

Your Comfort

Dental Anxiety

Generations of painful dental care has resulted in large numbers of patients who cannot face dental care.

Modern Drugs such as Midazolam (Rohypnol/Hypnovel) administered Intravenously provide a safe method controlling anxiety in procedures. All of our clinicians are skilled in this technique as well as conscious sedation using Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). Feel free to discuss your fears of dental care with practitioners who are capable of helping the most fearful of patients.

Dental Comfort during treatment

Notorious for pain and discomfort, dentistry has never been considered comfortable. With advanced Anaesthetics such as Articaine and Mepivicaine, our dentists are able to give you outcomes that dont require endurance.

Peaceful Surroundings

We take pride in the appearance of our practice, its a home for us afterall. The clinic has an outlook of natural bush, with all 5 Surgeries taking in plenty of natural light. A diverse range of reading materials together with abundant refreshments allow you to relax prior to your appointment.

We listen

As it is difficult to see within our own mouths, understanding your oral health requires us to be good at explaining the conditions we observe. Taking the time to sit you up, and carefully discuss our findings with you allows clear communication and the ability to really understand what your treatment choices are. All of our Clinicians excel in this skill.