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Dental Conditions

Lifestyle, Trauma & Family Genetics can all comprimise our oral Health. We provide a clear understanding of the conditions that can comprimise this health, empowering you to make effective descisions on your healthcare.

Tooth Decay

Since Ancient times, the human race has been plagued by the disease of Caries. Modern Diagnostics and Treatment Methods have provided effective treatment. Lifestyle factors however still create perfect scenarios for this disease to affect even the healthiest of individuals.

Gum Problems

Almost of third of the population are affected to some degree with Periodontal Disease. Advances in Medicine have allowed us to learn more about the multifactorial nature of this affliction, with the significance of Genetics & Systemic Disease playing major roles in its management.

Dental Nerve Problems

Allowing us to feel tactile and temperature changes, our nerves within the teeth can become diseased or infected as the result of trauma and decay. This necessitates Root Canal Treatment, a procedure that with modern anaesthetics is now comfortable and predictable.

Dental F.A.Q

Dental Pain can be the result of minor complaints such as Sensitivity, or may indicate more serious underlying issues. Spontaneous pain, swelling or discomfort that is requiring painkillers really should be assessed though by a dentist. We keep times available for emergencies, so please let us know.
Broken teeth could simply be the result of wear and tear in which case they only need to be smoothed to avoid bother. Often though, they are the initial presentation of a tooth nearing collapse, in which case urgent treatment should be sought to save further loss of the tooth structure.
Many patients have just always thought this was a normal event, however often this can indicate underlying Gum Problems. You should see a Dentist to check the health of your gums, especially if it has been some time since your last dental clean.
Children's mouths are busy places with adult teeth developing underneath their baby teeth. Damage to teeth is sometimes obvious with a broken piece or a chip, but often its harder to see anything more than bruised gum or a loosened tooth. To ensure ACC coverage and check nothing else was damaged, its essential to bring your child to the dentist for assessment.

Future Updates

We will regularly update this section with all matters of dental conditions. This will allow patients to gain understanding of any conditions we may have picked up during their consultation.

Dr Craig Campbell